How to Manage a Restaurant to Crowded Visitors

Many things must be considered when running a restaurant business, such as production capital, business promotion to restaurant management. Don’t just pay attention to one aspect but forget the other aspects. For example, you have done the promotion so well that your restaurant’s name has been known by many people, but then your restaurant is empty of visitors and less and less attractive to visitors. This is how to manage a restaurant so that it is not just a hits restaurant, but it is also worth it for many people to visit.

Interesting Restaurant Concept

A data shows that the interesting theme of the restaurant is now a very important consideration, given that currently the millennial generation is more easily impressed by the unique restaurant concept and atmosphere. But whatever the concept of the restaurant, restaurant comfort must still be considered. And it doesn’t hurt if you also provide Wi-Fi facilities for restaurant visitors to further pamper them.

Continuously Innovating

The food menu must continue to experience innovation because basically people visit a restaurant not only to just eat, but also try new menus that they may never have tried. You must always rack your brain and try to develop creativity to find new menus that are constantly updated regularly, so that visitors will always visit your restaurant because they are interested in the new menus that are served.

Serving Special Menu

Not everyone has the same food taste, especially if there are some people who can only eat certain types of dishes. So it doesn’t hurt if you also provide special menus such as vegetarian menus, low fat menus for those who are on a diet, or a healthy food menu specifically for your restaurant visitors.

Online Marketing

Promoting restaurants does not just stop at conventional marketing, but also must continue to be developed through online marketing, for example through social media. Currently promotion through social media is more dominant than offline promotion. Also make sure you promote the restaurant through social media that fits your target.

Providing a Variety of Services

Do not let your restaurant behind the times, especially this era of digital technology like this. Working closely with those who provide food delivery services will certainly provide significant benefits because you are currently providing services to facilitate ordering for consumers. You can even get additional input from additional delivery costs for food ordered online.

Using Software to Improve Services

One of the important software for restaurant business is accounting software. The use of accounting software is now very broad, especially for the business sector, one of which is the restaurant business. Accounting software can simplify business activities, one of which is to help improve services. Accounting software can not only be used to make financial reports accurately, but also helps record customer databases, such as transaction data until the customer’s birthday. By knowing the customer’s birthday, you can have the opportunity to give a gift to a customer who is having a birthday. This will certainly make customers satisfied because they feel appreciated.

In addition to the accounting system, the POS system is equally important for the restaurant business. With the POS system, service staff in restaurants will increase. This is because the POS system can help the transaction process be recorded faster so that the employee’s work system can be faster.

Hopefully this HashMicro article can help prospective restaurant owners to not only have a vision to make a restaurant that hits in various circles, but also has concepts and characteristics as well as good quality so that it becomes the main reason why your restaurant deserves many visitors. That was the way to manage a restaurant in order to get many visitors.

Choose Where, Buy Existing Restaurants or Build Restaurants From Scratch

There are each advantages and disadvantages of buying an existing restaurant, applying for a franchise contract, or building your own restaurant from scratch. Ideally, most prospective entrepreneurs want to build their own business, but this option has its own disadvantages such as having to build a customer base, recruit staff, provide training, write financial reports, and promote business.

You must consider your goals, business experience, knowledge and skills in the culinary field. Franchises usually like to provide training and equipment to simplify work, but do not reduce the amount of work required by restaurant ownership. According to, there are risks involved in buying a franchise or independent restaurant. You can be more free to be creative if you become an independent owner, but the responsibility is greater. Meanwhile, when choosing a restaurant franchise, you must have a large financial source, but its management affairs will be arranged by the franchisor (franchisor) because it has proven its track record.

Buy an existing restaurant

By buying an existing restaurant, you no longer need to build a customer base and catapult the restaurant’s name. However, there are many restaurants out there whose reputation is not good, and changing the reputation of a restaurant is not an easy matter. Some have annoyed employees who might be worried about the change. The opening hours and culinary details may not be according to your plan. It’s quite easy to change hours and menus but doing so can cost customers and employees.

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Be Careful Before Buying Restaurants

You need to ask the reason why the restaurant is for sale. There are two main reasons why restaurant owners sell their businesses: private and business. Included in personal reasons are: health problems, wanting to retire, or other reasons such as wanting to do lighter work. While those included in business reasons are: unsatisfactory income, population movements occur so that the customer base is reduced, or are in need of fast money.

Business reasons do make you worry, but that doesn’t mean you have to cancel buying a restaurant. The first two reasons are warning signs. Ask the owner first if you can see the financial statements to find out how much gross sales, maintenance costs, salaries, and income. You must know the sales record and income: is it stable, increasing, or decreasing. If the owner does not want to show financial statements or lie about his income, you better not have to buy the restaurant. Other important things to understand are:

  • Location, sales record, and growth potential
  • In-depth analysis of your business plan and financial resources to see if it is suitable for the restaurant you want to buy
  • Mortgage considerations: are they included in the restaurant budget?
  • Finding out how stable the environment is and whether there is any massive construction
  • If you can meet the building owner and ask if he agrees to the long-term lease

You Will Lose Some Customers and Restaurant Staff

Even when they are at their peak, restaurant staff rarely show loyalty in the long run. Changes in management always result in defections from staff. In addition, some customers are already comfortable with previous restaurant owners. If the owner changes, they will not come to the restaurant again. You have to do marketing and find new staff to overcome this problem.

You might need to make important changes – such as creating a new menu or changing prices with menu engineering techniques – before taking over an existing restaurant. Ideally, people who sell restaurants are willing to work with you so you know the restaurant better and meet with regular customers. However, many restaurant owners prefer to keep their sales a secret. The owner of the restaurant may be difficult to work with, so you cannot ask for help other than what has been agreed in the contract.

Choosing a Franchise Restaurant

Many prospective restaurant owners are interested in applying for contracts with successful franchises. A well-known name, good service, delicious dishes, available ingredients, and a structured marketing program guarantees your success. If it is successful, you can more easily grow your business. Many franchisors own more than one franchise. Today, franchisees are looking for wealthy investors who can develop more than one branch. If you succeed in buying a franchise, most franchisees will help you grow your business.

The Pros and Cons of a Franchise Restaurant

The advantage of a franchise restaurant is that the name is well known and the sales have been proven. That’s why traditional investors prefer to give capital to franchises. You can verify the financial condition of the closest franchise. Many owners are willing to share information.

However, there is no such thing as an absolute guarantee. A number of franchises deliberately control the market, so you have to compete with other franchises that are not far from you. Initial investment is usually very high because all equipment must be standardized. Most franchisees are willing to provide training and support. However, the problem below can make you think twice before buying a franchise:

Must deal with local zone regulations
Difficult to retain restaurant staff because the salary is not large
Many competitors but minimal profit, and very much depend on the high number of gross sales
Franchise owner / manager working hours are one of the longest in the food industry
Lack of freedom in choosing suppliers and menus
Cannot select the desired POS system

You usually have to use a POS system (cashier) that requires tools such as terminals, monitors, and printers. Most franchises offer a service without going down, so you have to budget for funds to buy the equipment.

Before buying a franchise, it helps you first learn the financial, location, and plans for the future. If there are rivals, your customer base can be disrupted. Generally in a franchise agreement, you are guaranteed an exclusive area for yourself for several years.

Open Your Own Restaurant

If you have difficulty financing a restaurant, you can’t get enough to survive in the first few months because you don’t have regular customers. It takes time for your restaurant to be recognized by others. In addition, you will have difficulty getting capital assistance if the restaurant concept is not clear and the management team is inexperienced.

The best course of action you must take before opening a restaurant is to first examine the location and environment, calculate the cost of design and equipment, and make a solid business plan. In fact, whatever your type of restaurant is, you still need a business plan. Fortunately, you can compare prices, and choose the most affordable suppliers, contact local farmers for farm-to-table services, and choose a POS system that suits your budget and restaurant concept.

Visit other articles for consideration in starting a unique restaurant. These articles can give you valuable knowledge about running a restaurant franchise or an existing restaurant.

Marketing alone is not enough to overcome problems such as population changes or difficult access to your restaurant. Marketing can provide additional income and give your restaurant a good start. By renovating an old restaurant, you can bring a new atmosphere into the area if you can survive until your restaurant is completely stable. There are other things to consider when choosing to buy a franchise, an old restaurant, or build a new, unique restaurant from the start using your own ideas.

General Vang Pao

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General Vang Pao, who was recognized being former Laotian general as well as the commander of a secret army which actually was being backed by CIA at that moment and was included on the people called Hmong guerrillas during the notorious war of Vietnam, has died yesterday. Further reports about general’s death are claiming that Mr. Pao died at the 81 years of age in California.

Further reports about general Vang Pao’s death are claiming that the death of Mr. Pao actually happened in a hospital of California on Thursday, stated by spokeswoman. The spokeswoman further detailed about this saddest death incident of Vang Pao and stated that the family of Mr. Pao was also there in the hospital at the time of Mr. Pao’s death.

General Vang Pao’s death detail was made public yesterday by the Clovis Community Medical Center’s spokeswoman in front of media. This medical center is actually located towards southeast area of San Francisco at a distance of nearly 200 miles. The medical center’s spokeswoman further detailed that Mr. Pao were admitted to this medical center on December 26 and were being treated but died yesterday.

An irregular army was being run by general Vang Pao, who originally was Hmong’s ethnic minority’s member in addition to the Royal Lao’s army general, during 1960s as well as 1970s and there were thousands of fighters in the irregular army of Vang Pao. Mr. Pao’s army was being supported by American CIA against the communist forces of Lao as well as against the Vietnamese during Vietnam War.

Saharan Cheetah

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A kind elusive or mysterious Saharan Cheetah also known as desert cat was captured by a hidden camera while in Niger, Africa. This type of Saharan Cheetah is very famous for its distinctive pale coat that gives it a withered appearance.

The rare cat in question was spotted by the cameras installed by ‘Sahara Conservation Fund’ staff working under the supervision of John Newby the CEO. John’s men are currently working with a team that’s looking for these rare animals. The ghostly cat was never expected to show up there since as per John; they were supposed to be in the general area alongside other cheetahs.

John stated that it made the entire team happy and excited to see the images lately and the same surprised them as well. John explained that cheetah tracks were spotted by his team only the general area(s) on numerous occasions. He further added it was lucky of them to have even pictures of rare animal since the area is too vast to pick up one particular species such as Saharan Cheetah.

A fairly good judgment is required in order to fix the cameras though, John added, yet the luck played more important role in this particular case. Being so rare a species, the scientists find it difficult to learn whether how the cat in any way, relates genetically to other cheetahs. Even the question whether how many of these rare animals now exist on this earth; remains a question unanswered.

The camera-trap rare snapshots of the rare animal were captured between July and August this year and by the time of this writing; hundreds of thousands have seen the same on the wire, already.