Saharan Cheetah

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A kind elusive or mysterious Saharan Cheetah also known as desert cat was captured by a hidden camera while in Niger, Africa. This type of Saharan Cheetah is very famous for its distinctive pale coat that gives it a withered appearance.

The rare cat in question was spotted by the cameras installed by ‘Sahara Conservation Fund’ staff working under the supervision of John Newby the CEO. John’s men are currently working with a team that’s looking for these rare animals. The ghostly cat was never expected to show up there since as per John; they were supposed to be in the general area alongside other cheetahs.

John stated that it made the entire team happy and excited to see the images lately and the same surprised them as well. John explained that cheetah tracks were spotted by his team only the general area(s) on numerous occasions. He further added it was lucky of them to have even pictures of rare animal since the area is too vast to pick up one particular species such as Saharan Cheetah.

A fairly good judgment is required in order to fix the cameras though, John added, yet the luck played more important role in this particular case. Being so rare a species, the scientists find it difficult to learn whether how the cat in any way, relates genetically to other cheetahs. Even the question whether how many of these rare animals now exist on this earth; remains a question unanswered.

The camera-trap rare snapshots of the rare animal were captured between July and August this year and by the time of this writing; hundreds of thousands have seen the same on the wire, already.

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