General Vang Pao

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General Vang Pao, who was recognized being former Laotian general as well as the commander of a secret army which actually was being backed by CIA at that moment and was included on the people called Hmong guerrillas during the notorious war of Vietnam, has died yesterday. Further reports about general’s death are claiming that Mr. Pao died at the 81 years of age in California.

Further reports about general Vang Pao’s death are claiming that the death of Mr. Pao actually happened in a hospital of California on Thursday, stated by spokeswoman. The spokeswoman further detailed about this saddest death incident of Vang Pao and stated that the family of Mr. Pao was also there in the hospital at the time of Mr. Pao’s death.

General Vang Pao’s death detail was made public yesterday by the Clovis Community Medical Center’s spokeswoman in front of media. This medical center is actually located towards southeast area of San Francisco at a distance of nearly 200 miles. The medical center’s spokeswoman further detailed that Mr. Pao were admitted to this medical center on December 26 and were being treated but died yesterday.

An irregular army was being run by general Vang Pao, who originally was Hmong’s ethnic minority’s member in addition to the Royal Lao’s army general, during 1960s as well as 1970s and there were thousands of fighters in the irregular army of Vang Pao. Mr. Pao’s army was being supported by American CIA against the communist forces of Lao as well as against the Vietnamese during Vietnam War.

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